Medical Moulding

At T-Zero we understand the critical nature of supplying injection moulded components into the medical sector.

We have been manufacturing medical mouldings and safety critical devices of a complex nature since the very beginning of the business. In fact the ZiMedical AD Automated Syringe Driver was the first major development project undertaken here.

Whilst not formally cleanroom equipped we do provide a very clean moulding environment which is more than sufficient for our medical clients, particularly when the invasive devices that we manufacture are subject to separate sterilisation processes prior to the sterile packaging phase.

As one key customer once told us “a clean room is nice but it’s not crucial for our products and we know from bitter experience that it does not guarantee quality. A reliable supply of quality product is far more important to us”.

Dermatological applicators, collagen implant devices, cystoscope sheath housings and photodynamic light therapy devices all form part of our medical portfolio.

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