Electronics & Technology Moulding

Over recent years the Electronics sector has been the largest growth area here at T-Zero.

Driven by an ever increasing demand for superior cosmetics and functionality in components, manufacturers strive to seek out the skills required achieve what is described by one customer as ‘Apple quality’ electronic mouldings.

“Good just isn’t good enough anymore. You may think you have no space to fit the PCB or whatever component it is but you have to design the space into the product…..and it better look perfect on the outside at the same time”

So says the MD of one customer, and who are we to argue.

A crucial ‘core team’ approach to DFM during the design phase is an essential part of the development process that enables such challenges to be met.

Flow simulation, conformal tool cooling, rapid temperature cycling and many other specialist tool and processing technologies have all been employed via this tried and tested approach to electronic and technology moulding project management.

Electronics & Technology
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